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seoul guesthouse- ok vill

OK 빌 게스트하우스 소개 About OK VILL       오시는 길 Location       시설 및 서비스 Rate     시설 및 서비스 Rooms    시설 및 서비스 Facilities     온라인 예약 Reservation      자유게시판 - 문의 사항은 이곳에 부탁드립니다. Free Board

/mcbldr/page/_img/icon_listdot.gif  Seoul Guesthouse Ok Vill - Location - Euljiro
/mcbldr/page/_img/icon_listdot.gif  Location- Euljiro /mcbldr/page/_img/icon_listdot.gif  Location- Jongno

 1. By Airbus
 1. From Incheon Airport
t the gate 5B/12A, you can take the bus 6015 and then get off at Eulgiro 4ga,in front of the Hotel Kukdo. 
 2.  and you can find the Daelim-Sangga-Apartment acorss the street.
 3. Ok vill, No. 1161 on the 11th floor, Daelim-Sangga-Apartment.

2.   By Airport Railroad 

2.1. Transfer from Airport train  to  subway line 2.

2.2. Transfer from Airport train  to  subway line 5.